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Princeton Atelier: How to Write an Epistolary Novel

ATL 495

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The following text messages were exchanged by Patty Marx (The New Yorker) and Alan Zweibel (Saturday Night Live, Laugh Lines), who will be teaching How To Write an Epistolary Novel. Alan: Hey, Patty, how'd you describe the class we're teaching? Patty: Doesn't the title say it all? Alan: Not to people who don't know what epistolary means. Patty: Right. A novel based on a correspondence-like these texts we're sending each other. Alan: Maybe add it's a workshop? Patty: Like Santa's workshop? Alan: But instead of toys, the class will divide into pairs and write their own novels. Patty: Epistolary ones? Alan: You're catching on. You deserve an elf
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  • Section: C01
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  • Class Number: 21489
  • Schedule: Th 01:30 PM-04:20 PM