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Synthetic Organic Chemistry

CHM 530

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A mechanism-based course on organic synthesis for advanced undergraduates and beginning graduate students who wish to learn chemical synthesis of organic compounds. Course deals with various classical and modern synthetic methodologies. Particular emphasis is placed on understanding scope, limitations, and selectivity based on the mechanism, with the goal to understand fundamental principles underlying each synthetic method. The knowledge and perspective acquired in this course is expected to provide sufficient foundation to understand and use the research literature in organic synthesis.
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Section L01

  • Type: Lecture
  • Section: L01
  • Status: O
  • Enrollment: 5
  • Capacity: 40
  • Class Number: 20421
  • Schedule: MW 01:30 PM-02:50 PM

Section P01

  • Type: Precept
  • Section: P01
  • Status: O
  • Enrollment: 5
  • Capacity: 40
  • Class Number: 20422
  • Schedule: W 07:30 PM-08:20 PM