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History and Society of Modern Arabia

NES 552

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Course examines the histories, politics and societies of several countries of the Arabian Peninsula. Particular focus is given to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Students explore the complex relationships the peoples of Arabia have with their past, the outside world, and such matters as the social and cultural divisions between the bedu and the hadar, and the interior versus the coastal populations. The course also examines the phenomena of Islamic reformism, political Islam, the dynamics of the global oil market and its effects on society. The aim of the course is to get students acquainted with the modern history of Arabia.
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Section S01

  • Type: Seminar
  • Section: S01
  • Status: O
  • Enrollment: 2
  • Capacity: 10
  • Class Number: 20172
  • Schedule: W 01:30 PM-04:20 PM