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Medical Spanish

SPA 205

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An advanced Spanish-language course that focuses on medical and health topics in the Hispanic/Latino world. Students will learn and practice specific vocabulary and structures useful for conducting a medical interview in Spanish. Aspects of Latin American and Hispanic/Latino cultures in the health and medical fields are explored by means of examining authentic texts and through the contribution of guest speakers. The course includes a telecollaboration project with students from a Colombian medical school.
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Section C01

  • Type: Class
  • Section: C01
  • Status: O
  • Enrollment: 2
  • Capacity: 12
  • Class Number: 21807
  • Schedule: MWF 11:00 AM-11:50 AM

Section C02

  • Type: Class
  • Section: C02
  • Status: O
  • Enrollment: 7
  • Capacity: 12
  • Class Number: 21808
  • Schedule: MWF 12:30 PM-01:20 PM