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Statistics for Social Science

SPI 200

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The course is an introduction to probability and statistical methods for social science research focused on public policy. Topics include data analysis, descriptive statistics, distributions, random variables, sampling, estimation, hypothesis testing, bivariate regression, and multiple regression. Examples will be discussed from tax, health, environment, energy, education, security, law, and other policy areas. Students will be introduced to the statistical software R. (No prior experience with statistics, programing or calculus is required)
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  • Type: Precept
  • Section: P05
  • Status: C
  • Enrollment: 0
  • Capacity: 0
  • Class Number: 43331
  • Schedule: T 09:00 AM-09:50 AM

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  • Type: Precept
  • Section: P99
  • Status: C
  • Enrollment: 0
  • Capacity: 0
  • Class Number: 42357