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Topics in African American Culture & Life: Black Disability Studies, Black Disability Histories

AAS 326/AMS 388/HIS 226

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This course challenges the racial parameters of disability studies and disability history by asking how persistent conditions of antiblack violence, including mass incarceration, state divestment, medical neglect, and environmental racism, destabilize assumptions about what constitutes an "able body." Surveying scholarship in Black studies, disability studies, African American history, and the history of science and medicine, we will study the construction of disability as a racialized category. Students will also recover disability theories that are already intrinsic to the Black radical tradition, postcolonial studies, and Black feminisms.
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Section S01

  • Type: Seminar
  • Section: S01
  • Status: O
  • Enrollment: 9
  • Capacity: 16
  • Class Number: 21204
  • Schedule: WF 03:00 PM-04:20 PM