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Poverty, by America

SOC 314/AAS 379

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The United States, the richest country on earth, has more poverty than any other advanced democracy. Why? Why does this land of plenty allow one in eight of its children to go without basic necessities, permit scores of its citizens to live and die on the streets, and authorize its corporations to pay poverty wages? Drawing on history, social-scientific research, and reporting, this seminar will attempt to unravel this question. Weekly, we will discuss a topic central to understanding the causes and consequences of, and solutions to, American poverty. We will take field trips, welcome guests, and collaborate on projects to abolish poverty.
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Section L01

  • Type: Lecture
  • Section: L01
  • Status: O
  • Enrollment: 10
  • Capacity: 75
  • Class Number: 22912
  • Schedule: MW 11:00 AM-11:50 AM

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  • Type: Precept
  • Section: P99
  • Status: O
  • Enrollment: 10
  • Capacity: 999
  • Class Number: 22913